Patricia Smits
visual artist  –  0031 (0)6 50878235

7-8-9 OCTOBER 2016
Finalists award art exhibition at the Bargehouse,
OXO Tower, London

The Avoidance of Reality by Absorption
(digital photograph 2016)
Celesteprize 2016, OXO Tower – London
Title: Absorb - Digital photograph. 2016. 40x30cm. The avoidance of reality by absorption.

‘Absorb’ shows an alternative reality, a way to avoid or change reality. Reality within the context of the present era and dealing with events in our daily world. I think that ‘behind’ or ‘in’ any reality an entire world could open and not knowing exactly what that is, is what triggers my search for alternative realities. read more

My digital photographs are unedited. Foto art-print on dibond (b)50 x (h)37.5 cm / Including frame (b)52.6 x (h)40 x (d)3.5 cm.