visual artist / beeldend kunstenaar

nice that you are looking for contact. you can reach me via:
atelier/studio at luyksgestel (nl)
linkedIn / patricia smits

EXBUNKER – Utrecht / finissage
Sunday 1 March from 1 to 6 p.m. is the last day in which wild egg installation AMPLITUDE can be seen in EXbunker. For the finissage, egg companion Patricia Smits (egg with balls) will add some works in response to Amplitude. Both artists are present all day long, come by! Chat! and immerse yourself in the art of metaphysical! event


  • assemblage - new works
  • paintings - new works
  • photographs - new works - photo + other media


SECOND PRIZE – celesteprize italy
finalist art exhibition at the bargehouse, OXO TOWER, London, 2016. Title ABSORB, The Avoidance of Reality by Absorption. read more

Title: Absorb - Digital photograph. 2016. 40x30cm. The avoidance of reality by absorption.