Patricia Smits

atricia Smits explores fragments of images out of our daily world in her visual work. With the fragments she develops new compositions and with these she creates space in which (other) constructions can evolve or transform. This allows her to create new environments. In these surroundings other precepts apply, this way the current precepts are tested.
Smits feels a desire for freedom and harmony regarding thoughts and actions, in which equality and consciousness are priorities. The image can stand on its own, or it can give the place in which it is situated a different meaning. Doubting existing things is a part of the content of her work; ‘nothing is the self-evident truth.’ These actions are necessary to enable us to question the structure (or hierarchy) in order to get to the complexity of it.


2020– Art Arnhem, Arnhem. 11 – 12 januari 2020.

5 – 6 october 2019. Kunststroom Roerdalen-Wassenberg (NL / D) – Location: ‘Kasteel Montfort’
– 18 mei – 2 juni 2019, (weekends), Expo: Rearranging splinters at POPOP Nijmegen
– 26 mei 2019, EXHIBITION Stiphout Art. Exhibition at the Pastory garden / Expositie in de Pastorietuin

2017 / 2018
– 6-7 October 2018, EXHIBITION at Kunststroom Roerdalen, (NL)
– September 2018, EXHIBITION at NS16 Tilburg (NL) – Kijkhoeken (Initiative art group)
– September 2017 – april 2018, IJsseldam, (art space/ruimte voor kunst). Painting and drawing, Deventer (NL)
– 2017, Atelier/studio works at Luyksgestel, NL

– December 2016, ARTBOX Projects exhibition at the spectrum Miami, Miami Art weeks (USA)
– October 2016, 2nd prize winner / finalists at award art exhibition at the Bargehouse, OXO Tower, London (UK)
– September 2016, Kijkhoeken (Initiative art group), exhibition / project, Breda (NL)
– January-september 2016, Atelier/studio works (NL)

–  September-december, group exhibition at Rechtbank Zeeland-West-Brabant (Court house), Breda. (NL)
–  September-october, ‘Expo in residence’ / Project. POPOP-institute, Nijmegen. (NL)
–  June-sept. Summer Exhibition,‘Stille Getuigen’. Museum Slager, ’s-Hertogenbosch.
–  April-june, group exhibition at GGZ, Jan Wier, Tilburg. (NL)
–  January, group exhibition at Klasse Theater, Tilburg. (NL)

–  November, Nomination Talent Award 2014 – GLOW FESTIVAL,  (group exhibition / Project), Eindhoven
–  Oktober, preparture, group exhibition-bachelors fine art at Willem Twee,’s-Hertogenbosch
–  July-august, SUMMER exhibition, GEM, the Hague 2014 – online gallery
–  March-april, ‘Masterclass etching’, Graphic Atelier ‘Daglicht’, (group exhibition), Eindhoven

–  November, Nomination Talent Award 2013 – GLOW FESTIVAL, (group exhibition / Project), Eindhoven
–  September, Museum Slager, ‘Kunstnacht‘, (duo exhibition) ’s-Hertogenbosch
–  June, “De Eindexpo”, group exhibition AKV St. Joost, ’s-Hertogenbosch
–  January, “De Generale”, group exhibition, FirstFloor AKV St. Joost, ’s-Hertogenbosch

–  June 2012, “Punt”, (group exhibition) Electron, Breda
–  November 2011, assisting project for 3 days at the ‘Live-Atelier’ project of artist Stijn Peeters; ‘Kom je in mijn schilderij?’ at museum ‘van Bommel van Dam’, Venlo (NL)
–  June 2011, “Collective work” (group exhibition), Electron, Breda
–  October 2010, “The room” (solo exhibition), Hertogin-Hilvarenbeek, Hilvarenbeek


Bachelor Fine Arts (2009- 2013) – Academy Fine Arts / AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch (NL)
Graphic design Eindhoven (1988- 1992) (NL)

Initiatives ART GROUPS:
–  Kijkhoeken (2014 – now)
–  bob ross is an Animal (2014 – now)


Reviewer / jury exams – Amsterdam 2014. Reviewer bachelor thesis Theatre School Amsterdam (NL). Reviewer commission (extern reviewer). Bachelor thesis – A thesis about light-art, research question: How do light and matter relate to each other and to what extent is light a material?
Grafisch Atelier Daglicht 2014 – masterclass etching, (Stijn Peeters)
Project group for conceptual art (2011)

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