Absorb – Digital photograph

The Avoidance of Reality by Absorption.
(digital photograph 2016)

SECOND PRIZE! (digital photograph 2016)
Celesteprize 2016, OXO Tower – London

‘Absorb’ shows an alternative reality, a way to avoid or change reality. Reality within the context of the present era and dealing with events in our daily world.
I think that ‘behind’ or ‘in’ any reality an entire world could open and not knowing exactly what that is, is what triggers my search for alternative realities.

I live in a rustic and basic environment with forest and nature. Primarily, my daily presence in nature is to be there on the spot. Every day I walk in the woods, generally with a camera, trying to capture special events or moments and making contact with this reality. I thereby explore the entire scope of reality for other structures or systems. In this way I search for boundaries in reality; during this process new ideas can emerge for my artworks.

My digital photographs are unedited.
Foto art-print on dibond (b)50 x (h)37.5 cm / Including frame (b)52.6 x (h)40 x (d)3.5 cm.

Absorb - Digital photographadmin
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