Bypass Project

Bypass Project: 8 artworks in different art forms and mediums
This project consists of 8 artworks. Each of them evolved from the concept idea and are presented in different art forms and mediums. The concept is about certain social and cultural ideas (and actions) that cover inequivalence (and inequality) within the human race. Project ‘Bypass’ is about equality between men, animals, nature, culture and my point of view on this as well as my position in this.

The initial idea of “Bypass” emerged when I noticed that I am always trying to create a new way, ‘‘a bypass’’, to deal with our cultural and social worlds in relation to (in)equivalence. By creating bypass artworks I can introduce different forms of thinking and constructions to the viewer. I need it to put daily life into perspective. Alongside the equality and inequality, I also question human’s ego. I see the beauty (and the utility) of equivalence and registrate transience (esp. of life and death). My wish or ideal goes even further; I would like to registrate a sort of big-bang, a world in which everything is gone; emptiness ‘the highest level of equality’ (?) But where would I stand in all of this?

My visual work.
Shape and content are inseparably intertwined and support each other in meaning and visual insight. Concepts, inspiration, snatches of thoughts, the viewing and creating of artwork: everything is absorbed, everything is valuable, everything fits in the same level, nothing comes to the fore. Shape and content reflect the necessity which drives me to create: the capability to experience the plurality in an anti-hierarchical world.
I find inspiration and recognition in Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s philosophies. In Rhizoom they write: ‘The ideal would be, exhibiting everything on the same level: lived through events, historical provisions, thoughts, individuals, groups and social formations, […] continuously in relation with the outside.’: equivalence: I search the ideal, not as an ‘shape for the shape’ or ‘content for the content’, but because it is my reality. The consequence is my artwork and my life are equivalences and a part of each other’s world.
I started this project in 2014, and it’s ongoing.

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