2x – Video Installation

A site specific video installation consisting of two parts, each part has one video.

Part 1: Titel: Hierarchy rules – video Installation, Loop 15 sec. (not shown on this website). This video Installation work is installed above the ceiling tiles. To watch the short video film you have to go upstairs with an oncomfortabele ladder (apr. 2-2,5 m.). I deliberately did this so the viewer had to make more effort to see the film. In the short film you see 3 deers walk backwards. Why all this effort to see the video? I live in the forest area right at the border of Belgium/Holland, every day I walk in the forrest, that’s where I find most of my materials for my artworks, including these deers. I asked myself if this was a private moment for the deers? Is it their personal space? Can I show this short video film to the world? Can I make this decision? The film is not shown on this website, up to the present time I still have my doubts to show it or not…  I made ‘holes’ in the ceiling tiles (by taking the plates out, where the power cables are hanging down), these ‘holes lead to the video installation part – RAW Material’;
Part 2: Titel: RAW Material – video Installation, Loop 16.24 min.
RAW Material shows a large projection (from floor to ceiling – apr. 2,5x6m.) of a chicken that I filmed in a special environment. My initial idea was to film the chicken (named Kuukel) from bottom up, I thought it would be a new perspective to look at the animal. Soon I noticed that I was training and drilling chicken-Kuukel. I tried to lure her with food and even got impatient because she was afraid to walk over the glass plate (which ‘we’ humans also mostly experience by walking over glass plates and look into the depth). Eventually she did it. In the end when I wanted to edit the film material I watched the film, I was embarrassed by my domination and my impatient acts and desided to use the film in an unedited (‘RAW’) state. The title of this unedited film is therefore RAW Material and because of the way I behaved during the film (no brute force or so, but rather the inequality of mine). For me this title is also a strong reference to how we deal with chickens (and other animals in general) and our convenience with it, for instance in our supermarkets an in our (food)industry.

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